OSTM – Soulcalibur II

by Willon 01/30/2017
This week there were no recent games that were coming out that I felt needed to be covered.  So I went back into the vault and found a game that is very close to me, and helped me get through my teenage years. Soulcalibur II was one of those games that I played weekly in a […]

New Project

by Willon 01/28/2017
I have been trying to make an indie game for the better part of 6 years now.  I have made many, many playable games but just have never released any.  I have learned a lot about the game engine I use, Unity, as well as the entire game pipeline.  From texturing to animation to physics […]

Pixel Perfect

by Willon 01/28/2017
Let me start off by saying this is not a review of the Google Pixel, rather this is an examination of a huge flaw that the Pixel has that I have yet to see anyone looking at, and it isn’t an obscure thing to be using either. This also reminded me of this problem when […]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

by Willon 01/23/2017
The year is 1996, my family and I were living out of a hotel of the small town in North Dakota we just moved to.  We were waiting to find a home to live, but wanted to get there before the school year started.  All of our stuff was packed in boxes in a storage […]

Friday the 13th on Thursday the 19th

by Willon 01/18/2017
UPDATE: The Co-creator of “Friday the 13th” pointed out that I was wrong on the release announcement of “Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp”.  It was on Oct 31, 2014 instead of what I wrote saying it was announced May 2015.  As he pointed out it was literally the 2nd thing on the Google search of […]

OSTM – Dragon Quest 8

by Willon 01/16/2017
Recently I when I have been doing my OSTM pick for the week I like to do a game that is releasing somewhere around the time I pick it. Usually a week before or a week ahead.  This has been the theme for a few weeks and I like that format, keeps it relevant and also lets […]

Friday 13th on Saturday 14th

by Willon 01/13/2017
With all of the talk today about it being Friday the 13th I figured I would do my bit into latching on to the “Holiday”.  Today I want to talk about the new game that is coming out this summer, or if they were really smart October Friday 13th (I think the movie comes out that […]

OSTM (Official Soundtrack Monday)

by Willon 01/10/2017
Well the first post did way better than I thought it would, thanks for everyone who is reading and I did get some good feedback so far! Keep it coming 🙂 One of the things I love to do as a developer and a creative person is get lost in my favorite music soundtracks while […]



by Willon 01/06/2017
Hey everyone!! Or more realistically, Hi Mom 🙂 Just wanted to finally get a post out there to say that I am finally up and running with the site, although it is very blank and bland right now.  I will start to try and regularly update it so I can get it to look a […]