So Long and thanks for all the Fish

by Willon 11/12/2017
I’m doing this thing now in my life where I want to try new things out.  I want to have experiences instead of watching people have experiences, if that makes sense.  I was getting tired of scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or whatever app to just find things that looked like they would be fun to […]

Playing with Myself | Minecraft 005 | A Compressed Pig?

by Willon 11/10/2017
I started to get Iron, but now I just need to get all the other shit that needs to go with it to finally make at least something automated. Almost there!            

Are We Adult Enough for Adult Games

by Willon 11/10/2017
Last week or the week before Sony had their now annual Sony Experience.  In that event they released a bunch of new trailers for some games that are coming out, I think in both instances there was no release date announced.  Now if you don’t like watching trailers because they can spoil something, I’m gonna […]

RPG Show Notes: Uber Elevate

by Willon 11/09/2017
Flying Cars!  The Future has arrived! Ok well not flying cars, but the idea of small aircraft for travel is being proposed by Uber. Not the company I thought would be doing it, but hey as long as I can get from point A to point B in a couple minutes instead of hours, I’d […]

RPG Show Notes: Facebook and Revenge Porn

by Willon 11/09/2017
It turns out that dues are still doing the revenge porn thing… For anyone who doesn’t know, revenge porn is the act of sharing intimate media with the world without the other’s consent (usually the woman involved).  What is it with these boys that can’t get through there head that they shouldn’t be doing this?  […]

RPG #19 – Am I really going to end on that

by Willon 11/09/2017
Not a lot going on with me this week, so I try to talk about some stuff that has been going on in the tech world the last couple of weeks.  I get into Intel, AMD, and child abuse.  Should be fun! iTunes – Google Play –

Playing with Myself | Outlast 05 | Juice Fire and Finding Jesus

by Willon 11/08/2017
I lost 2 episodes so to catch you up it may take a little while. I went in the sewers, I met the good Doctor, and he chopped of my finger.. There now you’re caught up. This episode I escape the Dr, find my way through a fire, and meet up with a priest (well […]

Playing With Myself | Die Young 09 | Wolf Fight

by Willon 11/07/2017
Heyo!  I finally finish up the Pine Woods, I think!  I do a bunch of firsts for me in this game.  I save when I need to, I survive huge falls, and I fight with a wolf for a bit.  Check it out!

Bourn is Dried Up….

by Willon 11/06/2017
So I guess we all knew this was going to happen with most of my time now focused on games and making my new project.  Bourn is no more, and on permanent hold.  I think it still would be a really good idea, but all the stuff I want to do with it seems like […]

Playing with Myself | 7 Days to Die 002 | Found a Town and Starting to Loot

by Willon 11/06/2017
Holy Crap!  I finally made a second one! Finally got to find a town that wasn’t burnt to a crisp. Now I get the task of looting the entire thing to figure out where I am going to have my base of operations, and a flat piece of land so I can build my horde […]
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